Top 4 CBD Gummy Brands Online

CBD gummies look just like regular gummies, only they include many health benefits when used properly. CBD is a compound found in HEMP from the cannabis plant, but it is 100% safe, 100% legal in all 50 US states, and approved by the FDA (more info below). Gummies are just one of many products in stores that includes HEMP ingredients. It does not affect the brain or body in a harmful way. In fact, it helps improve cognitive skills, logical thinking, and more. Aside from the brain, CBD has been found to help relieve, control, and/or heal certain health conditions, including:

• Alzheimer’s disease
• Fibromyalgia
• Chronic anxiety
• Chronic back pain
• Depression
• Diabetes
• And tons of other health conditions

The FDA approves and labels HEMP (and any extracts from it like CBD) as edible food products. The gummies you will find online may or may not be called HEMP gummies, but they are actually CBD gummies by another name. That is because the gummy can also include other HEMP ingredients like terpenes, vitamins, and minerals.

There are many brands of CBD gummies to choose from and each one is different in one way or another, whether that includes how it tastes, how it looks, its nutritional content, its texture, its purity, and/or how concentrated it is. Finding a reputable supplier/manufacturer is a challenge since there are no regulations to control CBD gummies. Since HEMP absorbs toxins, you need a supplier that offers lab results to show where their HEMP comes from. The soil the plants are grown in makes all the difference! So, with all this information above in mind, here are the top 4 CBD gummy brands available for sale online.

Note: The information below is strictly based on opinion. It is designed for informational purposes only. There is no affiliation whatsoever with any brand or manufacturer that is mentioned. Companies can change processes or methods over time. Use at your own discretion.

diamond cbd

#1: Diamond CBD

Purity is important with any supplement. Diamond CBD is a manufacturer of quality CBD gummies using crystal isolate, which would be CBD in crystal form and in its purest form. This means that you get the purest CBD possible in every gummy you eat. Their process uses plants that are organically grown and non-GMO (nongenetically modified organisms), just like those foods you see that say they are organic and contain no genetically altered ingredients. All raw materials go through quality testing before using them. CBD is obtained using supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction, just like many supplement manufacturers use. The extracts are lab tested to ensure consistency in every product and they have the lab results right on the product pages for you to see.

Aside from purity and process methods, Diamond CBD offers a huge selection of CBD gummies, including everything from gummy worms and bears to extreme strength gummies and chilled gummies. There are numerous choices, including rings, drops, worms, and bears.

cbd infusionz

#2: CBD Infusionz

Taste is not as important as other elements, but these gummies fall close to the taste of a regular gummy treat. They use farms in Boulder, Eastern Plains, and Pueblo, Colorado. All farms are organic sources with no pesticides, herbicides, or any other human-made chemicals or processes. The Colorado Department of Agriculture tests their plants. Their CBD extraction from the plants is a full-plant botanical extraction process using subzero ethanol extraction technology that gets the most CBD out of every plant. All bottle caps are childproof for added safety.

The website also provides you with recommended dosing instructions to help you determine what is best for your needs. Most sites do not offer that helpful information, just basic information that they list on their bottles, such as dosage limits.

Overall, CBD Infusionz has several gummy options to choose. In fact, they sell standard CBD gummies, AM gummies with caffeine, and PM gummies with melatonin. They offer banana, blue sour sodas, cherry, peach, grapefruit, and several other flavors. Their assortment includes the rings, bears, etc. and uniquely shaped options (cherries, soda pop, banana, grapefruit, hearts, mint, starfish, and more.) You will need to browse their selection to see all the options and the shapes of each.

go green hemp cbd oil

#3: Go Green Hemp

Go Green Hemp has only one option in CBD gummies, but it includes the essential lab results for the specific product. In addition, many companies get their HEMP from outside sources, especially Europe. Go Green HEMP obtains their very own CBD in Colorado Springs, CO. The company pledges ZERO THC in their HEMP/CBD infused products and you will see that in the lab results too.

The CBD gummies sold on their website includes assorted flavors, ranging from strawberry, lemon, and orange to pineapple and raspberry.

green roads cbd

#4: Green Roads

Organic cultivation is key to purity and healthiness. Green Roads uses organic farming and chooses only the healthiest of plants to extract CBD. The extraction process used is subcritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction, in which low temperatures are used to preserve CBD oils and terpenes more effectively. The company only uses high-quality cannabidiol ingredients that deliver 99% pure CBD isolate.

Green Roads offers several variations of CBD gummies, including fruit gummies, froggies, gummy blocks, letter “Z” gummies for sleep, and the typical bear gummies.

Final Thoughts when Shopping for CBD Gummies Online

Based on the ingredients (legal of course) and the purpose of CBD gummies; most companies require an adult signature upon delivery. Shipping will vary from one supplier to the next so be sure to take those into consideration.

The HEMP extraction processes used to obtain CBD can have as much as .03% of TCH. However, that is not really a concern because it has to be tested and approved to have less than .03% in order to be legal and sellable. Therefore, don’t fear a website that states it has less than .03% of THC in its products. For legal reasons, they just have to post it. Their products would pass a drug test without concern and you won’t feel any effects from its minimal content.

Lastly, the FDA never evaluates any statement you read on a gummy supplier website and most will mention that for legal reasons. Gummies are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. In other words, there can be no promises, but they do offer great healing and repairing advantages. Many people have been using them for years with great results for their existing health conditions.

People in Texas love CBD gummies along with the other cannabis products on the market- especially since it was legalized in Dallas recently!