Pure Ratios CBD Oil Review

Pure Ratios CBD is one of the leading brands for hemp innovation. Its founders have been studying Oriental medicine for years and aim to bridge the gap from its natural solutions to the research of modern medicine. The products from the manufacturer are innovative where the CBD patch stands out. With a range of products which offer good variation in CBD consumption, you have the ability to choose a product with no artificial flavors.


Based on CO2 extraction methods, the hemp-based products from Pure Ratios represent one of the interesting choices when it comes to quality. The main aim of the manufacturer is to offer an alternative to some of the medicine on the market which might come with certain side effects. At the same time, the claims they can make are actually more limited than many people expect.

But the benefits of CBD in chronic pain and various other health issues have been started to get more acknowledged. Cannabinoids are used for therapeutic relief both for adults and for children. Certain people might still want to refrain from using the products, such as pregnant women. This is why you should always read the complete product information and guidelines before consumption, even if they come from natural sources.

Popular Products

There is a limited number of quality and innovative products offered by the manufacturer. One of the interesting products comes with the CBD patch. Its aim is to bypass the digestive system and to offer a remedy on the spot. But with a lip balm and slow-release capsules, the Pure Ratios CBD line can represent one of the most interesting options for those seeking to improve their trust and benefits with hemp-based products.

CBD patch – you might be wondering on the actual use of a CBD patch. Its role is similar to the one of a CBD balm but its active period is much longer as it spans over a few days. Made with no THC, this product can be used in certain areas of the body where you might be dealing with pain. Its longer active period and the fact that it is also water-proof make it an alternative product which can be used to bypass the acids of the digestive system and to offer an alternative so many people need. Its action delivers CBD directly to the bloodstream and it represents a major advantage when looking to maximize the results with 40mg of CBD over a period of up to 96 hours.

CBD lip balm – as another innovative product, the lip balm manages to offer a great intake of CBD with a practical solution. Made to suit even the busiest lifestyles, this type of hemp-based product comes with 20mg of CBD per application. The product is also mixed with other ingredients to make it a soothing product as well.

CBD roll-on – the therapeutic product can also be a solution to apply on the spot. Made with sweet almond oil and Shea butter, it delivers 100mg of CBD strength. The roll-on can reduce bruising and inflammation. This is why it can be used for various purposes which include the tackling of chronic pain. With better results when it comes to improved practicality, it can also be one of the CBD products you take with you to any of the 50 US states where the hemp extract is legal. At the same time, it is also one of the products which can be combined with the CBD solutions made for internal consumption.

CBD topical salve – the product is similar to the roll-on but it also comes with added skin benefits. Made with CBD and a mix of Arnica, calendula, meadowsweet and rose petals, it is a product with a distinct aromatic effect as well. For this purpose, added essential oils also make it innovative. Essential oils such as ginger, turmeric and black pine work with the hemp extract for an anti-inflammatory effect. There are many reasons to use the product but with a soothing action for the skin and with a pleasant aroma as well, it can shortly become one of the leading options when it comes to a relaxing CBD experience.

Vape pen – there are various pens to choose from the manufacturer as well. Made with USB charging, the pens use the manufacturer’s cartridges which are made with different potencies. You can choose between cartridges of 50, 100, 200 and 400mg according to your needs. With a practical formulation, they represent viable options for those seeking improved practicality for therapeutic purposes.

CBD lozenges – as one of the tasty products from the manufacturer, lozenges are also very practical and innovative as well. Made with no sugar and zero calories, they offer a potency of 10mg. Made with wintergreen oil, the solutions can also act for a fresh breath as well.

Product quality

With some of the most innovative products on the market, users can tell that the founders of Pure Ratios are truly aiming for top quality. Their experience in Oriental medicine can be seen in the products and the fact that their range comes with a blend of classic and innovative products is a testament to what can be achieved in this area even past its early stages.

Company Contact Information

Pure Ratios CBD
San Diego, CA

Customer Service

Since it is a new company, the customer service can be further improved. Some customers might want direct contact via phone to get more information from the company. But their start is promising, especially in the conditions in which their innovative products have been well received both by customers and by media.

There are not many companies which strive for innovative products and with solutions such as the CBD patch, Pure Ratios can be one of the leading producers in a market which is finally maturing. From the products made at home to the professional and innovative ways of making hemp-based products, the industry is changing fast and Pure Ratios CBD can be among the leaders of this progression.