Plus CBD Oil Review

Plus CBD is one of the manufacturers of hemp-based products. The CBD solutions offered by the manufacturer are among the most impressive and the company ethos which sees the unlimited potential of the plant for medical purposes promises even a better range of products. Even at this moment, Plus CBD offers some of the best products in its class. From classic CBD drops to gels and balms, the manufacturer has a good range of solutions to consider for all types of chronic conditions. There are many benefits which can be associated with CBD and find the right product is often a matter of individual responsibility.


The company offers test products which are free from gluten or THC. As similar CBD products, they can be used for a series of medical conditions. At the same time, they have physical and mental benefits with certain conditions such as anxiety. The way in which you use them can also depend on your condition. A practical and fast solution comes with the CBD sprays offered by Plus CBD. A more customized solution can be achieved with the bulk CBD product which is recommended when you want to make your own oil or similar products.

Popular Products

Plus CBD offers a limited number of products of high quality. At the same time, they represent an interesting choice when it comes to better overall purity as they are free from GMOs, gluten or fillers. There are a few solutions which can also be considered when you want a more innovative approach such as is the case with the CBD spray which people find practical.

CBD capsules – made with concentrations of 10 and 15mg, the capsules can offer one of the most practical options for CBD intake. The capsules are recommended when you do not want to deal with the taste of flavors which are typically associated with CBD oils or CBD tinctures. With good practicality, the capsules can also work well while away from home as they can be easily transported.

CBD concentrates – as one of the innovative categories, the concentrate products offer CBD, CBG and plant sterols in a compact serving. With added fatty acids and natural Vitamin E, these products can be used for different purposes which include medical conditions. Not based on carriers, CBD concentrates can be considered when you want a faster-acting product.

CBD sprays – with a complex phytocannabinoid formulation, the sprays offer an immediate solution to CBD intake. Made with concentrations between 100 and 500mg, they are very potent and they can represent a great solution when it comes to stronger impact and positive health benefits. The products are made in a practical spray form and they even come with different flavors such as peppermint or coffee.

Softgels – if you are looking for a full spectrum of hemp co-factors, the softgels are easy to consume. With a friendlier texture when compared to capsules, they can be easier to intake every day as well. While many people will notice their fast action, the softgels are also potent as well.

Balms – at 1.3 oz, the balms made by Plus CBD are concentrated but potent. They are among the leading options when it comes to external use. Mainly aiding certain areas of the body such as joints or muscle,s the balms also come with skin benefits as they fully absorb deep into the skin.

Drops – with concentrations between 100 and 500mg of CBD, the drops offer one of the fastest-acting solutions for oral consumption. Made with a dropper packaging, they represent a viable option for many people. At the same time, the drops also come with an unflavored option as well as two flavored alternatives which include goji and peppermint aromas. There is thus a product to suit most needs when it comes to taste.

Bulk CBD – if you are looking to produce your own CBD products, Plus CBD acts as a great partner. This is why it also offers pure bulk CBD products which can be turned into final products in the right conditions. The bulk products are thus not really made for the final consumer.

Product Quality

It’s interesting to see how Plus CBD offers such complex solutions addressed both to the final consumer and to another manufacturer with their bulk deals. As one of the premium brands on the market, Plus CBD offers a small range of quality products which harness the benefits of hemp extracts. With a selection of products such as oils, balms or even capsules, you can find the right concentration of CBD you need every day in the form which is the easiest for you to consume. All the products which are made for internal use can also be combined with the CBD balm for a more potent approach. While there are many other types of solutions when it comes to CBD intake, these products often represent the most popular ways in which the hemp extract is consumed.

Company Information

Plus CBD

10070 Barnes Canyon Rd. Suite 100
San Diego, CA

Customer service

The company is in constant contact with customers and other manufacturers. You can also reach Plus CBD by phone every day of the week until 5 PM Pacific Time if you need more information about the products.

With a strong social media and online presence, there is also considerable information on the products made by Plus CBD and one the benefits of hemp products in general offered by the manufacturer. Since many of their products are actually innovative, they also have to play the role of the brand which informs consumers on how to intake CBD as well. This is where the customer service offers useful information both to the final consumers and to resellers as well. With a strong management team, the brand offers a good selection of products which can respond to all types of need as you can see even with the strongest concentrations of 700mg CBD with some of their products. Made for all types of medical conditions, the products are generally addressed for those over the age of 18.