Phyto Family CBD Oil Review

As a 2018 company, Phyto Family is new in business. But this is not a reason to be away from what is happening currently and what users want. This is why the company offers one of the largest selections of health and beauty products based on hemp extracts. With CBD isolates and CBD bath bombs, you can take the opportunity to enjoy products made from hemp in a new perspective. This allows you a good overall result when it comes to the sources of help you can enjoy.


Phyto Family is one of the new names in the hemp market. But the good news is that the company offers good transparency and each product is accompanied by the results of lab-testing. This ensures that all the products are genuine and given the impressive selection of products to choose from, there are no reasons to doubt the company will become an important name for those seeking natural hemp products.

Product Info To Know

There are many products to consider from the manufacturer. One of the distinct lines of products comes with the resins which need to be dabbed at low temperatures. CBD oils are also available and they can represent one of the more popular options when it comes to new users. It can also be one of the first products to try from the manufacturer since many people are already familiar with its benefits and consumption. One of the unusual lines of products comes with bath bombs. But with a clear role in relaxation, they can be considered by all people looking to improve their well-being.

Isolate slabs – made from pure slabs, the product stands out with its simplicity. It can be added to most fatty foods and it represents a great option when it comes to better overall practicality. It has all the benefits you would typically associate CBD with and some people even report better sleep quality with it as well.

PhytoResin – the distinct product also comes with a high 7% concentration of CBG. It handles well when it comes to taste. Most users report positive feedback on its distinct cherry taste. Dabbed at low temperatures, it represents a complementary product or a great first choice for hemp-based solutions which also taste great.

CBD oil – the product is made with ingredients sourced from Colorado. Each 30ml bottle comes with 295mg of hemp extract. With a low 3.6mg concentration of THC, it represents a solution which can be consumed by most people under the recommendation of a doctor. At the same time, the product is recommended when it comes to a good oil base as well. This is why the manufacturer added the hemp extracts which also contain CBC, CBG, and CBGA to MCT oil. This makes it a fast-acting solution which is recommended for most beginners. At the same time, its simple versatility can also recommend it in drinks such as tea if you need to diffuse its taste.

Syrup – the company also offers a good selection of syrups. With the same benefits of CBD oil, they are also made with added Agave nectar. They can thus be easily combined with different products such as drinks. It can be added to soda, water or teas every day and as it contains only a small percentage of alcohol, it comes with a high percentage of CBG as well. Its versatility recommends it as a great product when you want to consume the hemp extracts with foods or drinks.

CBD bath bombs – as one of the most innovative products, the bath bombs are made with safe ingredients only. For example, the coloring used in the manufacturing process is actually food coloring. The products are made with different essential oils such as lavender oil and this recommends them among the options to be used for relaxation. The bath bombs also have a long shelf live and you can purchase them in bulk. With no artificial ingredients, the bath bombs should not come with any side effects for the skin. A typical bath bomb contains 25mg of CBD. With different aromas such as Ylang Ylang and patchouli, they can be used both by men and by women.

Product quality

There is a special emphasis on quality with the Phyto Family. For example, the bath bombs are only made in small batches by hand. Furthermore, most products are available with lab-testing results which improve transparency further. Made as solutions which are recommended for better overall health, they can be natural alternatives to dealing with some of the health issues which benefit from CBD. They include depression, anxiety, and physical pain as well. The products can also be used every day for their full cannabinoid profile. With a good selection of products, covering all these cannabinoids becomes easier.

Company Info And Email

Phyto Family
Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM

Customer Service

The company is new so their customer service can still see some improvements. However, the manufacturer can be reached on a number of social media platforms, Snapchat, email or phone. While the product selection is large, the control of the products is well-established. This is why each category of products comes with specific information and why it can be used when it comes to better overall hemp intake from different products.

Phyto Family stands out due to product variation and innovation. This can be seen with the 25mg CBD bath bombs which are rare and which represent a good alternative method to benefit from the hemp extracts. With similar action to CBD balms and creams, the bath bombs can work externally. The manufacturer also offers a small selection of clothing as well. From tanks to snapbacks, you can choose your branded product to better represent your own trust in the products.

Phyto Family is also informing the customers that the products have not been actually evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration to this moment. This is important to know as they are used as supplements, just as most other hemp-based alternative products.