Palmetto Harmony CBD Oil Review

Palmetto Harmony is a South Carolina producer of hemp-based products. With a large selection of products, it is one of the bigger names in the industry. Furthermore, it is also one of the few brands offers ISO-certified manufacturing. With third-party lab testing, their products are considered among the best when it comes to quality and safety. Furthermore, they are also recommended when it comes to dealing with chronic conditions under the supervision of a doctor.

Brand Summary

Born from a condition of a child, the company has an interesting background. Harmony was born in 2007 with a rare brain condition and this is where the company began as an alternative solution for seizures. This is where it all begun and now, the company looks towards natural ways of dealing with certain medical conditions. In many cases, hemp extracts benefit the brain and they can even be consumed by children under the supervision and recommendation of a doctor.

Popular Products

Palmetto Harmony offers a large selection of products which include CBD oil, CBD capsules, vapes and pet products. They are all offering the same benefits but the form in which they do it is different. This is why you can even try different products to see your preferred option.

CBD oil – the oil is based on the Cannabis Sativa L plant extract. It has a positive role on the brain with certain conditions such as seizures. It is also recommended when it comes to dealing with anxiety or depression. The oil comes with a dropper packing which is available both in the 30ml and 100ml option. The oils are to be consumed according to your own needs. You can start with a single drop and increase the number of drops if you need to.

Furthermore, the oil also comes with an MCT base. MCT oil is derived from coconuts and it is fast to absorb making it the perfect combination of the hemp extract for immediate action. At the same time, it comes with an oily texture and some people might not enjoy it. In this case, you can add the oil to a drink such as coffee.

CBD capsules – with a practical packaging, capsules can be recommended when you do not enjoy the taste of CBD oil. They are also easy to take wherever you go. The capsules also contain healthy fats. These fats include Omega 3 and Omega 6 and together with antioxidants, they can have a positive role in your health. They can act to improve mood and well-being and together with the hemp extract, they represent reliable products. This can be seen in the third-party testing and ISO certification of the manufacturer as well.

Topicals – Palmetto Harmony also offers creams. These solutions also based on hemp extracts are mixed with Shea butter, beeswax and basil to make them applicable to the body as well. You can use them for their therapeutic and aromatherapy effect and the hemp extracts can also work to reduce pain in certain conditions. Since the products contain beeswax, you will need to keep them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Vapes – if you want an alternative, the vapes offered by the manufacturer might prove more practical. This is why it is important to note that you can see improved results when it comes to overall health, especially in the conditions in which you use the sealed pen which can also be acquired from Palmetto Harmony.

Pet CBD oil – the manufacturer also offers a product for pets. With similar action to one of the human-grade products, the oil can be used to promote a state of well-being for your pet. In certain cases, it can also be used to tackle pain. The oil comes in a 30ml packing with a dropper. You can feed your pet a couple of drops per day, to begin with, and see the benefits are visible. Made from natural Cannabis Sativa L plants, the oils are considered to be a premium solution.

Product Quality

Palmetto Harmony is one of the few companies offering ISO certification. Since it is not easy to obtain, it can be an indication of the quality you can expect from the premium products. At the same time, the products are also recommended when it comes to third-party testing. This ensures that they are free from THC. It means the products are safe for consumption in all US states, not just in South Carolina.

As a company which started from the case of Harmony, it is one of the brands which also offers useful information about hemp extracts. You can even find information on certain recipes which can work together with the extracts and this is why the manufacturer is highly regarded in the community. At the same time, it is above average when it comes to quality and this is why their products can also be trusted when it comes to long-term consumption. From the interesting reviews the company has, many people report benefiting the products offer to children with various conditions. This is a major plus for the manufacturer as it states its ethos and trust even further.

Company Information

Palmetto Harmony

216 Labonte St Unit B-C
Conway, SC 29526

Customer Service

There are different ways you get to contact the company for more information. You can access there FAQ section on the official website or you can contact them directly via phone. For more information about the products and certain conditions with children or to read more about Harmony’s story, you can check the social media channels as well.

Palmetto Harmony started through the need to offer a natural solution to Harmony’s suffering. This then led to a full company which now offers the most popular products in this class and which can be trusted through third-party testing. The trust in the company can also increase through the ISO certification on the manufacturing process. At the same time, you have the choice between different types of hemp-products to be consumed according to your own preference.