Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Review

lazarus naturals flavorless tinctures

Lazarus Naturals Flavorless High Potency CBD Tinctures

Lazarus Naturals got their start back in 2016, and have been known as a company that offers the best prices on high-quality CBD oil products. Yes, you can actually get both! In

Fact, this company handles their own manufacturing. They do use a third party lab for final product testing and the results are displayed on every product page. Of course, all this is only after managing their journey of in-house test procedures.

Everything must go through a rigorous testing process in order to deliver the best quality. That procedure also ensures that all products are as safe as they can be. The procedure begins with the initial bulk shipment, in which it is tested in their laboratory for pesticides and heavy metals. Next, the post-extraction process includes a second round of tests for the same materials, but they also check potency and residual solvents. Upon completion of their in-house testing, they send each batch (literally) to a third-party lab for another test of quality and potency. This shows how serious the company is about quality and safety, not to mention health.

During the in-house tests, they only use cane ethanol (safe for human consumption and also used for alcoholic drinks) to separate the CBD from the plants. The distillation process removes the alcohol, but it is important to note that their alcohol is still safe, unlike other company extraction methods. Moreover, when raw CBD oil is refined to become distilled CBD, they test it once again for potency level.

Basically, the testing details list could go on for a while—CBD isolate testing, etc.—but you get the picture at this point. If you don’t remember the detailed testing procedures, which is perfectly normal, know that all products are vegan and gluten-free with no preservatives.

Their inventory is widely found in retail stores across the US. You can find those stores right on the website.

Their high-potency tinctures are full spectrum extracts where the entire plant is used in the process. For the flavorless options, they are made from CBD isolate, which is the CBD molecules extracted without other elements.

All CBD extracts from hemp are completed in-house and domestically sourced from non-GMO farms.

The Pros

  • Offers both isolate and full spectrum CBD oil products
  • Lab results displayed on each product page with the images
  • Lower prices than most
  • Provides company details and contact information on their website
  • Huge selection of products
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • 14-day return policy upon receiving the items
  • 40% off for veterans, long-term disability patients, and people with low income.

The Cons

  • No money-back guarantee and most do not offer it, but unopened products can be refunded within the 14 day period of receiving them
  • No returns on opened products, but that is understandable
  • No returns based on taste, which obviously relates to the two cons listed above.

Current Promotions

  • Enter promo code “Lazarusnaturals” without quotations for 15% off your first order

Non-Promotional Discounts (No Expiration)

  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $50

Available Products

Lazarus Naturals Pet CBD Oil Tinctures

Lazarus Naturals Pet CBD oil tincture


750mg, High Potency CBD Tinctures, Full Spectrum
50mg of CBD per 1ml
Made with extracted hemp oil and coconut MCT oil (Carrier Oil)
Other sizes available on the product page (3,000mg, and 6,000mg)

750mg, Tropical High Potency, Non-Full Spectrum Tincture
50mg of CBD per 1ml
Made with isolate, 100% natural fruit extracts, and MCT (fractionated coconut oil)

Other Tinctures


10-Count, 25mg CBD Capsules, Full Spectrum
25mg per capsule
Made with fractionated coconut oil, hemp oil, rice flour, silicon dioxide, organic D-limonene, organic myrcene.

20-Count, 100mg CBD Capsules, Full Spectrum
100mg per capsule
Made with fractionated coconut oil, hemp oil, rice flour, silicon dioxide, organic beta-caryophyllene, organic D-limonene, organic myrcene.

Other Capsules


lazarus naturals assorted cbd isolates

Lazarus Naturals CBD isolates —Flavored and Raw

1g Terpene-Infused (Adds Flavor) or Raw (Unflavored) CBD Isolate
1 gram pure CBD isolate
Flavor options available on the product page (Lemon-Lime, Hawaiian Citrus, and Valencia Orange)

20g Bulk CBD Isolate20g pure CBD isolate per container

View Entire Product Line—tinctures, capsules, isolates, coconut oil, CBD pet products, and more

Company Details

Company Name:
Lazarus Naturals

(206) 909-3354


PO box 270, 2311 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Business Hours:
9 AM-5 PM (PT)

Some Reviews and Ratings

Lazarus Naturals Facebook page does not host any reviews or ratings, but most “Community” conversations and inquiries relate to shipment times. Since they do not work on weekends, that is the primary reason for order processing delays and tracking information. Aside from that, they appear to respond to Facebook inquiries in a timely manner during business hours.

Natural Wellness CBD OIL states that Lazarus Naturals’s CBD oil tinctures are amongst the cheapest available while also being from a reputable supplier. They also stated that the oil worked fast for anxiety symptoms and they strongly recommend the high-potency CBD tincture for chronic pain.

ConsumerHealthDigest rates Lazarus Naturals 3.4 out of 5 stars, which falls under their “Good” category—above the “average” category and below the “Very Good” category. They state that the products DO work and ARE known to provide health benefits.

CBD Reviews LLC lists Lazarus Naturals under their “Vetted” list, meaning they filter companies through careful and critical examination. They state that the company is one of the best and oldest producers of CBD on the West Coast.