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Highland Pharms is a company in Olympia, WA with a corporate headquarters based in Gilmer, TX. They started producing CBD products back in 2015, following the Farm Bill of 2014. They use full-spectrum CBD oil extracts only, meaning that you get more than just the CBD oil. The extract used also includes other beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (cannabigerol), and CBC (Cannabichromene), as well as other ingredients such as phytonutrients.

They offer a wide variety of CBD oil products, including creams, drops, gummies, CBD capsules, waxes, vapes, and more. For those that like to customize their CBD oil use, they have plenty of options. Some bottles will not be completely full. They are designed that way in order to calculate the number of drops per bottle, per milligram accurately. So don’t freak out when you receive your products.

Aside from products and ingredients, there is no “About Us” page on their website so information is scattered and scarce about the history of the company, their processes, and their beliefs/goals. Regardless, they provide full contact information and tons of products.

The Pros

  • Shipping is free on all orders
  • Plenty of savings opportunities (bulk orders, cryptocurrency payments, and sales)
  • Huge assortment of CBD oil products
  • Numerous strength options for select products, compared to one or two from other companies
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil extraction is used to retain other cannabinoids and phytonutrients
  • Hemp is grown in the U.S. (Colorado), supporting American production and supplies
  • Hemp is organically produced (not genetically modified)
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Steem, Litecoin, Ethereum, and NEO) as payment

The Cons

  • Individual laboratory test results are not listed on product pages, although some have certificates of analysis showing the CBD content and THC level
  • Only one lab report is provided on the website, reflecting the most recent test results
  • No CBD-only products, but most opt for full-spectrum anyway
  • Sell vape products, but not pens—they do offer a suggestion though
  • No coupons or qualifying discounts available (to be fair for everyone), but claimed to have lowered prices instead

Current Promotions

  • None specified

Non-Promotional Discounts (No Expiration)

  • Everyone saves 5% when paying with an accepted cryptocurrency
  • Everyone gets free shipping on any orders they place
  • Bulk order discounts (10% off of 5 or more and 15% off for 10 or more of same product)

Available Products

CBD Drops/Tinctures

250mg CBD Hemp Oil – 1oz

  • 250mg potency
  • 25ml bottle (unflavored, strawberry, and mint)
  • Ingredients (no specific order): MCT Oil, CBD extract, natural flavoring

CBD MAX Hemp Oil Drops – 1250mg CBD

  • 1250mg potency
  • 25ml bottle (unflavored and mint)
  • Ingredients (no specific order): MCT Oil, CBD extract, natural flavoring

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Pet CBD Drops/Tinctures

Highland Pharms Pet CBD Oil

Highland Pharms Pet Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures/drops

CBD PAWS (CBD Oil for Pets)

  • 100mg potency
  • 25ml bottle (strawberry)
  • Ingredients (no specific order): MCT Oil, CBD extract, natural flavoring
  • Recommended for 20 lbs. and under (25+ lbs., use standard 250+ or 500+ CBD drops)


CBD Drops/Tinctures

HEMP Plus Vape Oil – 10ml/165mg

  • 165mg potency
  • Flavors: natural, strawberry, and mint
  • Ingredients (no specific order): vegetable glycerin, full-spectrum CBD extract, natural flavoring, organic polysorbate 80

CBD Vape-Oil that is Highly Concentrated with CBD PLUS Infused with Terpenes

  • 10ml/500mg or 30ml/15000mg
  • Flavors: one option (citrus/earth/pine flavor)
  • Ingredients (no specific order): vegetable glycerin, hemp oil extract, terpenes, organic emulsifier

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CBD Capsules

Hemp Softgel Capsules 25mg, 30ct

  • 25mg potency
  • Ingredients (no specific order): hemp oil, hemp seed oil, purified water, gelatin, glycerin

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CBD Oil Gummies

Highland Pharms CBD oil gummies 20-count

Highland Pharms hemp/CBD oil, full-spectrum gummies

All Natural Gummies – 20mg per Piece

  • 20mg potency
  • Ingredients (no specific order): organic white grape juice concentrate, organic cane juice (evaporated), citric acid, organic corn syrup, pectin sodium citrate, ascorbic acid, natural flavors, annatto, grape juice concentrate, turmeric, red fruit juice concentrate, hemp CBD

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Company Details

Highland Pharms

US: (360) 878-4918
Business Address:
900 Jefferson Street SE
Suite 1945
Olympia, WA 98501

Corporate Address:
5552 Rooster Rd
Gilmer, Texas 75645

Customer Service Hours of Operation

Not specified

Some Reviews and Ratings

FibroToday.com gave Highland Pharms a 5-star rating, scoring product quality at 5 stars, service at 5 stars, value at 4stars, and an overall rating of 5 stars. They stated that the company is a trusted source of CBD oil items by the members of their online chronic pain and fibromyalgia community.

ProHempOil reviews the company and states that they are the “superstore of all things CBD” and that they provide plenty of options to suit everyone. They also mention that the company ensures that their customers are well informed through helpful CBD information, benefits, and product specifics.

Redstorm Scientific rated Highland Pharms #4 out of 6 in their “Top 6 CBD Oil Softgels for Sale Online,” mentioning the company’s extensive strength options, all-natural ingredients, and their high-grade CBD oil extracts.