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Hemptation is a unique CBD oil supplier that offers a wide range of products and provides numerous options for each one. When you browse their online shop, you’ll find oils in several sizes with several ingredients to pick from. It’s kind of like a do it yourself or personalized product shop. For instance, carrier oils include MCT coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Extract type options are whole plant or CBD isolate. Potency is between 100 and 2500mg. Terpene options include strawana, blue dream, and many more. As you can see when you browse their store, every product provides options—just like the examples listed above. For anyone who likes customization, Hemptation is the perfect match.

Aside from multiple choice selections, they offer personal consultations by the hour. But if you prefer to handle your product needs and dosing schedule yourself, the option is always there. The company is based in Vermont and has several stores across the state, as well as their online shop. Some of their unique products include Infused Coffee, Bath Bombs, CBD Crumble, and CBD Shatter. Actual product availability can be found on the website and will vary from time to time.

The website lists the company as Hemptation, but the URL in hemptationUSA.com and the Facebook page lists them as HemptationUSA too. Therefore, you may find them listed under both names. That’s a bit confusing and may wreak havoc on their marketing efforts and/or sales, but you never know. They are a fairly new company so we’ll give them some time to work out the kinks. Regardless, they appear to be gaining satisfied customers, according to their Facebook page.

The Pros

  • Huge product selection (Infused oils, vapes, bath bombs, infused coffee, CBD crumble, etc.)
  • Many custom product options (oil carrier, hemp extract type, potency, terpene selection, etc.)
  • For Vermont residents, they have several retail stores to save time
  • List every item on the website, whether in stock or not (so you can see what is offered and order later if needed)
  • Shows product availability status for every item on the website (in stock and unavailable/out of stock) to eliminate order adjustments and backordered items
  • USPS 3-day priority mail shipping

The Cons

  • No lab results on the website
  • Ship out times can take up to 5 business days and no guarantees on delivery times
  • Most company information is listed on the site (phone, email, city, state, zip) but not a physical address—just a PO Box
  • The website is difficult to browse through to find what you need

Current Promotions

  • Check website for current offers and terms

Non-Promotional Discounts (No Expiration)

  • 10% discount when you join the specified Facebook group
  • 10% discount for joining their own, specific Instagram group

Available Products

NOTE: Products are continually changing so options will too

Hemptation CBD Tinctures

Hemptation CBD Oil Tinctures

Infused CBD Oil Tinctures

Hemptation Infused Oils

  • Choose from 100mg, 300mg, 700mg, 1500mg, 2500mg
  • MCT coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil
  • Whole plant or CBD isolate
  • Choice of terpenes

Hemptation CBD Slabs

Hemptation CBD Oil Slabs – Assorted

Hemptation Infused Vape Pen Cartridges

  • 50mg whole-plant extract with .4ml Pineapple Express Terpene
  • Optional vape pen and charger
CBD Slabs

Hemptation CBD Isolate Slabs

  • 99.9% CBD isolate with terpenes
  • Available in .5g and 1g
  • Strawnana, Pineapple Express, Cush, GranDaddy Purp, and Girl Scout Cookies terpene options
CBD Waxes

Hemptation CBD Waxes

  • Whole plant CBD extract with Steamed and Distilled Cannabis Terpenes
  • GranDaddy Purp, Strawnana, Girl Scout Cookies, and Cush terpene selection
Hemptation Awake CBD Bath Bombs

Hemptation Awake CBD Oil Bath Bomb

CBD Oil Bath Products

Awake Bath Bombs

  • Whole plant CBD extract (20mg)
  • Added ingredients are listed on the product page (baking soda, Epsom salt, witch hazel, etc.)

Relax Bath Bombs

  • Whole plant, 20mg CBD extract
  • Ingredients can be found on product page (citric acid, organic coconut oil, Polysorbate 80, etc.)

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Company Details


US: (617) 420-3489
According to the website:
US Office (Vermont)
PO Box 422
Winooski, VT 05404

According to their Facebook page:
38 1/2 Church Street
Burlington, Vermont

Customer Service Hours of Operation

Not Listed

Some Reviews and Ratings

There are not a whole lot of reviews out there for the company or for their products, mainly because Hemptation is a common word that relates to many websites and many companies, plus, they have several stores in Vermont and we don’t want to provide reviews based on store service. In addition, there are no reviews on their website.

However, the actual Hemptation Facebook page shows 5 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews. The company got its start in April of 2017 so they are fairly new and won’t have a lot of reviews out there just yet. Now, the Facebook page reviews include positives on pricing, results, and taste. They also discuss comparisons to other brands, leaning towards Hemptation’s products. Therefore, it seems that they know what they are doing so far.