Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Review

Hemp Bombs offers a large number of CBD products. With zero THC, the products are recommended to treat health issues which have been proven to benefit from hemp extracts. With recommended medical use for pain management, CBD became one of the natural products which are recommended when it comes to an easier way of dealing with chronic pain. Hemp Bombs offers a large number of products such as oils, gummies, and vapes.


Hemp Bombs is one of the manufacturers which also go to great lengths to inform customers on the benefits of CBD. This is why all their products come with detailed information on how to be optimally consumed. This can be the case even with CBD capsules which are an alternative to CBD oils and which are made to deliver good results when it comes to consumption practicality if you are not fond of the taste of regular CBD oils. Hemp Bombs offers solutions which are tasty as well. With many unique flavors such as peppermint or watermelon, their products can prove popular with many types of users.

Popular products

Hemp Bombs has a wider range of products which meet the modern standards of the market. Furthermore, with zero THC, the products are legal in all 50 states.

CBD gummies – made for busy people always on the move, the gummies from Hemp Bombs can represent a practical solution. Often seen as an option when you want a flavored product, gummies also come with all the benefits of hemp CBD. With 15mg of CBD per gummy, this practical alternative can be used to enhance mood, promote better sleep and tackle chronic pain as well.

CBD capsules – made from pure European CBD isolate, the capsules can also deliver all the benefits you expect for therapeutic purposes. With no THC and tested for label accuracy, the capsules can be a practical method to ensure you see the benefits of the compound which is derived from cannabis. You will note that this means you don’t actually get the euphoric state which is associated with cannabis and you will only see medical benefits with the capsules.

CBD vapes – with vapes and vape tanks available for purchase, Hemp Bombs represents one of the most interesting options when it comes to good overall pain reduction. The liquids used for this type of consumption are also flavored. They come with unique flavors such as arctic spearmint blast, donuts or even blueberry jam. This makes them a tasty option for all tastes.

CBD oil – made with concentrations between 300 and 2.000mg, CBD oil is one of the staple products of Hemp Bombs. Based on the carrier MCT oil, the product is very fast to absorb and it will only take a few minutes to see the first effects. Used for physical pain or certain conditions such as anxiety or depression, CBD oil is legal in all US states. Normally, 1-2 drops of the oil are recommended for most users. In some cases, this can vary according to age or even according to the condition you are tackling. You can discuss increased CBD consumption with your doctor or with the customer service team at Hemp Bombs. Lab testing on the product has shown that it comes with no THC so you should not feel the same as with cannabis consumption.

CBD pain rub – the product is great for joint and muscle problems. Often used for arthritis, the CBD lotion is one of the simplest and most practical methods of using a natural pain remedy. With 50 grams of CBD per container and with added ingredients such as menthol, it can be one of the products to use in addition to CBD oil when you want to tackle pain locally. The product is simply rubbed on the area which comes with pain or inflammation such as knees and this is why it can even be recommended to apply it more than once per day.

CBD syrup – one of the more unique products of Hemp Bombs comes with the CBD syrup. The product is great when you want to mix it with different drinks. You can thus meet your daily CBD intake plan simply by adding the syrup to drinks such as coffee, tea or different shakes. The effects are still the ones people seek from CBD. With better mood, increased relaxation and even pain reduction, the syrup is a potent option. You will have to use it with the measure as a bottle of the syrup comes with 300mg of CBD.

CBD shots – sold individually or in packs, the shots represent the quick serving alternative for CBD. They come as a proven option when it comes to purity as well. With no THC and 75mg of CBD per serving, they represent an option when you might not look to consume the extract every day and only from time to time.

Product quality

Hemp Bombs offers one of the largest CBD selections of products on the market. At the same time, they also offer one of the leading options when it comes to purity. With lab-tested products, the manufacturer manages to offer products with 0% THC which can be purchased in all US states. At the same time, the products also come with different CBD concentrations. One of the most interesting aspects comes with the innovation of the product such as with the CBD syrup which can easily be mixed in all drinks.

Company information

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Customer service

Customer service at Hemp Bombs is at high standards. Individual customers have their own line as well. But you can also contact the manufacturer online if you need more clarification on the products. A newsletter is also available to those seeking to stay up to date with the latest information and product releases from the manufacturer. With a large selection of products and quality ingredients, the CBD used by Hemp Bombs is among the best in its class.