Elixinol CBD Oil Review

Made with a cold C02 extraction process, the products from Elixinol are among the leading options when it comes to quality. Furthermore, they manage to offer a purity which can be highly considered by all those seeking to improve their CBD consumption from trusted sources on a regular basis. With a wider range of products both for humans and for animals, the manufacturer manages to deliver a precise approach when it comes to better premium products.


So what makes Elixinol special? The manufacturer knows that trust is important in the area of CBD products. Now that they are regulated and legal across all states, there might be many people tempted to grow their own brand and manufacture CBD products. But Elixiniol manages to deliver a trusted process which is based on C02 extraction. With third-party testing and certification, their products are as good as they get. This is especially interesting since the brand offers a wider variety of products. From tinctures to pens, Elixinol has different choices for different requirements.

Popular products

With a select number of products, you can choose different CBD-based products from Elixinol. Hemp is versatile and can be used in liquids or solids and it makes the extract viable for all types of needs.

CBD capsules – the capsules are efficient against pain, stress, tremor, lack of appetite and inflammation. With a minimum of 15mg of CBD per capsule, the manufacturer delivers one of the leading sources of capsule-form hemp-extracted products. The containers are also large when compared to the standard on the market and this makes them viable options when it comes to better overall abilities to cover larger supplementation

CBD tinctures – with up to 3.600mg of CBD per bottle, tinctures represent one of the best options when it comes to CBD intake. They are very easy to consume as they come with the popular dropper packaging. At the same time, they represent a great solution when you consider improved results in terms of absorption time. The pure liquid formulation allows the tinctures to be considered among the CBD solutions which can be felt by you in a short period of time between 10 and 15 minutes.

CBD liposomes – if you want even faster digestion, the manufacturer’s liposomes product can be a great choice. This unique solution is made by dissolving CBD oil and embedding it in microscopic liposomes. This even allows you to absorb more cannabinoids and this is why it can be one solution to the more classic CBD oil. Of course, the extra quality of the product will also mean that the product is not as affordable as its alternatives but if you are dealing with certain issues of chronic pain where time is of the essence, it can represent a good solution.

CBD pens – the quality pens from Elixinol are recommended as they keep air away from the cartridge. Made with a perfect vacuum, it protects you from all types of bacteria. Even more, the pens are hyenic as well. The tip can be removed and washed and needed which will keep bacteria away from you.

CBD topical balms – the manufacturer also produces balms. Lip balms and CBD body balms represent a new market. But the products can be a solution to apply on the spot when dealing with pain. This is why it is important to know that you can truly benefit from improved pain management results when you apply the balm to reduce symptoms such as inflammation.

CBD Respira tinctures – the special line of Respire tinctures can be used in pens, oils or even in different foods if you want to improve your CBD intake. With a minimum of 300mg per 15ml, the products are recommended for consumption at least once per day.

Hemp protein – as one of the most innovative products from these types of hemp processers, protein can represent a good solution for those looking to improve their nutrition as well. With 16 grams of protein from hemp with each serving, this vegan option is great for active people. It is also recommended for those seeking to improve their overall results with muscle toning as protein is of essence both for muscles and for joint health as well. It can thus be used together with other CBD products in order to help protect your joints from the inside as well.

CBD dog treats – the dog treats represent one of the interesting lines from Elixinol. Made with products which are free from fillers, they aim to deliver 1.5mg of CBD with each treat. Using European CBD, the treats are also third-party tested. Made in collaborations with veterinarians, the treats also contain high-quality ingredients such as organic coconut oil, organic barley flour or Vitamin C.

Product quality

Elixinol can be seen as one of the premium manufacturers and names on the market. The manufacturer manages to deliver some of the best results when it comes to improved overall quality and trust with its third-party testing and certification. Innovation is not rare with Elixinol as well. It can be seen in high-quality pens and in high-quality products such as the dog treats or the hemp protein. With a vast line of products, it can be one of the brands to follow in the future as well.

Company information

Elixinol LTD

580 Burbank St, Unit 155

Broomfield CO, 80020

US Customer Service:  844-804-3504

Customer service

With one of the best customer service experiences in its niche, the brand manages to inform customers on products and even on legislation which might regard CBD products. One such example comes with the information on the Hemp Farm Act. With trusted distribution in stores as well, Elixinol is one of the manufacturers which traces hemp for the entire manufacturing process. Even more, it uses hemp to its true potential which varies from CBD oils and tinctures and even to hemp protein. It goes to show that many brands can follow when it comes to maximizing the potential of hemp, now that it is legal when it comes with no THC.