CW Hemp/Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review

CW Hemp is the exclusive provider of Charlotte’s Web hemp extract in Colorado. The company offers all-natural products which are recommended when it comes to the benefits of hemp extracts. With products such as CBD oil, capsules, and creams, the manufacturer aims to reduce some of the medical issues which have been proven to benefit from hemp, such as chronic pain.


Since hemp extracts without THC are now legal, CW Hemp ships in all 50 states across the country. It represents a company which offers only a small number of products but which also works great when it comes to the quality of these products. It is also one of the manufacturers and processors who are looking after the sustainability of hemp communities and this is why the brand can stand out in a market where larger manufacturers might struggle with positive local impact.

Popular products

With a food selection of base products, you can tackle some of the health issues which have been proven to benefit from hemp. As a manufacturer, CW Hemp is also doing a good job of informing communities on the versatility of hemp. There are many products made from hemp plants such as clothing and construction materials. But most importantly, hemp can balance many functions of the body and it can come to tackle severe pain if prescribed by doctors.

Hemp oil – the CBD oil from the manufacturer is rich in phytocannabinoids and flavonoids. It represents a product which can be consumed to tackle issues such as the pain which comes with arthritis. At the same time, the product comes with a positive impact on stress reduction as well. CW Hemp recommends it to be consumed regularly as a supplement. This can come with stress reduction and the product can also be used by those looking to recover from exercise fatigue faster.

When it comes to mood benefits, the hemp oil has been proven to be a recommended option for more calmness and better focus. This is why many specialists recommend CBD oil for those suffering from anxiety. The product can come as a great choice for this purpose and it is also easy to consume as it comes in a package which contains a dropper as well. If you are not a big fan of the only 2 flavors the product comes with, you can always add it to drinks such as tea or coffee for a simpler consumption.

Hemp capsules – as one of the alternatives to CBD oil, hemp capsules are also offered by CW Hemp. The products offer a minimum of 15mg of hemp extract per capsule. This means that you can consume a minimum of one capsule per day to leverage hemp benefits. At the same time, unlike CBD oil, the capsules are easy to transport as they do not come in fragile packaging. This makes them a good product while away from home or at work. If you need a more concentrated solution, you can increase the number of capsules you consume through the day. The benefits are the same to those of CBD oil, it is just the packaging and serving which is different with the capsules.

Hemp creams and balms – made for external and local use, crams and balms offered by the manufacturer can be an additional product to consider. They can be used to tackle pain locally such as the case of joint pain. Made with Vitamin B5 and different essential oils such as coconut or apricot oil, the creams, and balms are also recommended when you want smoother skin as well. While they are not made to offer a specific scent, they come with no aroma. Free from fillers and GMOs, these creams can be used for long periods of time.

Hemp oil for pets – CBD oil has the same benefits on pets just as on humans. This is why the 30ml and the 100ml product for pets from CW Hemp can be a recommended product for better pet health. If you want to improve the quality of life of your pet with a natural solution, the hemp extract can be a recommended option. It promotes a state of calmness and it represents a non-medication option when dealing with joint pain. If you want to ensure your pet actually consumes the product, you can easily add it to wet or dry food every day.

Accessories – CW Hemp also offers a small number of accessories. They include T-shirts and hoodies and they can be an apparel option for those who love hemp products.

Product quality

When it comes to product quality, CW Hemp stands out. Even if the product range is small with a limited number of flavors, the manufacturer manages to offer one of the leading options when it comes to label accuracy. Made with no THC, the products can also be shipped to all US states as a result. With good quality, they can be consumed every day as supplements even by those seeking to improve their overall health and not necessarily looking to deal with a medical issue.

Company information

CW Hemp Charlotte’s Web

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Customer service

If you need more information about the company and its products you can contact CW Hemp directly. While they do not have a messaging system, you can reach them directly by phone, email and social media. With good transparency and efforts towards informing the users of the benefits of hemp, the manufacturer can deliver one of the products which are recommended when it comes to dealing with medical issues which can be improved with CBD. This is why CW Hemp is focused on a small number of products which cover the essential categories of CBD oil and capsules as well as the balms and creams which can be considered for long-term benefits as well. With a selection of apparel as well, they have the potential of becoming an even bigger name in the hemp extract industry.