4 Corners Cannabis CBD Oil Review

Avacado OIl Tincture, 1000mg

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4 Corners Cannabis carries a unique approach to their business in comparison to other CDB oil companies. They actually control every step themselves from growing cannabis up to the actual sellable products. Most companies use third-party suppliers for CBD extracts and for harvesting, which often leads to sub-quality CBD oils in the end. 4 Corners Cannabis does it themselves, utilizing genetics, scientific data, and knowledge. Their plants are organically grown and genetically unique from normal cannabis plants to maximize potency and preserve essential ingredients. The CBD/hemp extraction is performed with organic, food-grade ethanol to keep important cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol) intact. In the end, their unique system produces full-spectrum products with over 60% CBD, which is unheard of with any other companies.

The Pros

  • Uses images to show what each product is designed for (products for the brain and products for the body)
  • Their “Ma’at” Hemp Super Strain plants deliver 100X grade CBD products compared to the average 5X grade
  • Shipping is only $5, period
  • Quantity available is listed on all product pages
  • Orders are processed in less than 24 hours
  • Offer a wide variety of CBD oil products, including tinctures, vapes, salve, and pet oils
  • 30-day refund policy on unopened containers
  • Accept credit cards as payment
  • Mostly positive reviews on Facebook—almost all of them
  • Includes company and contact information on their website
  • Offers a wide selection of products

The Cons

  • Lab results are not on product pages, but listed on the lab page in bulk
  • Lab results are limited to select products
  • Company details not found on the main website, but they are found on the buying/checkout site
  • Sells vape liquids and no vaporizers, but includes a website that offers them
  • Can’t return opened products, but that is common
  • Cannot return items based on taste since opened items are not returnable, which is also common

Current Promotions

  • Check website

Non-Promotional Discounts (No Expiration)

  • $5 shipping charge for any orders and for any quantities

Available Products

  • CBD Oil Vape Liquids
    • Available in 250mg/15ml bottle, 500mg/15ml bottle, 1000mg/30ml bottle
    • Vegetable Glycerin, CBD dominant hemp extract, Limonene (orange extract)
Salve (Ointment/Cream)
Pet CBD Oil Tinctures, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg

Pet CBD Oil Tinctures, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg

  • 100mg, 2oz Salve Cream
    • 100mg of CBD per 2-ounce container
    • Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Antioxidants, CBD Dominant Hemp Extract, Choice Terpenes
Pedigree (Animals) CBD Oil
  • Pet/Animal CBD Oil
      • Available in 250mg/15ml bottle, 500mg/15ml bottle, 1000mg/30ml bottle
      • Vegetable Glycerin, CBD dominant hemp extract, Limonene (orange extract)
      • Use for horses, cats, dogs, cows, bulls, and more

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Company Details

4 Corners Cannabis

US: (970)661-0000
EU: +44 203 129 5553
US Office (Colorado)
1287 Enterprises LTD
PO Box 921
Bayfield, CO 81122

EU OFFICE (Northern Ireland):
1287 Enterprises LTD
112 Burren Road
Burren, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.
Northern Ireland, BT34 3PR

Customer Service Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time (MT)

Some Reviews and Ratings

CBDREVIEW rated their 250Mg, 15ml bottle with the following scores: Taste—4 out of 5, Quality—5 out of 5, Price—3 out of 5, Safety—5 out of 5.

PROHEMPOIL states that 4 Corners Cannabis has higher prices than the norm, but they tie that topic into getting what you pay for. They stated that their flower’s genetics produce high levels of cannabinoids and high levels of terpenes to boost the product’s effectiveness. They like that the company cultivates their own products on their own farm.

RAVE REVIEWS  chose 4 Corners Cannabis for their “Highest Quality” title and also placed the company at #1 out of 20 in their “20 Best CBD Oils” list.