Why Parkinson’s Patients Are Trying Hemp Oil

Parkinson’s is one of the serious medical conditions which appear over the age of 50. With an average age of occurrence at around 57 years, it is linked to the advancement in age. Since the disease kills neurons, mobility is affected. Visible signs include bad posture, tremor, inability to control movements, jerky movements, etc. In a way, it is somewhat normal to attribute some of these early signs with the effects of aging. But since they become more pronounced in time, it is worth considering the different ways the disease can be tackled.

Parkinson’s manifestations and causes

It must be said there is no cure for Parkinson’s at the moment. However, CBD oil has been well received as it can improve the quality of life of the sufferers. When the neurons start to degrade, simple movements become difficult to make. One of the main causes of this is the reduction in dopamine production which is made in the neurons. There are many symptoms which come with low dopamine. They include rigid muscles, tremors in extremities such as hands, legs, and jaw. The slower speed of movement can also be visible in some cases. Some other manifestations include confusion, anxiety and in the end, dementia.

There are not many things people can do in this case but to slow down the entire process. One of the interesting discoveries makes the link between diet and Parkinson’s, specifically the advancement of the disease. This is why it is important to know that you can look for the solutions which allow you to maintain good gut health and healthy mitochondria which stops the development of bad bacteria in the gut. Fermented food such as yogurt or apple cider vinegar can be used to boost the creation of good bacteria in the gut. These foods also prevent constipation which is often associated with the disease as well.

CBD and hemp benefits

There are various studies and published articles which refer to the benefits of CBD and hemp for Parkinson’s sufferers. Some of them are related strictly to CBD while others refer to marijuana’s whole spectrum of cannabinoids. The consumption of CBD slows down the decrease in dopamine levels which can mean a better quality of life and a slower advancement of the disease. Earlier data goes back an entire century where patients who were experiencing the symptoms of the disease saw a reduction of tremor after the consumption of hemp.

More current evidence on the benefits of CBD comes with the reduction of inflammation. At the same time, there is evidence to suggest that the antioxidant action of CBD helps neurological conditions as it fights free radicals at a cell level.

The studies on CBD benefits for the disease have only just begun. This is due to the fact that cannabis studies are still illegal in many countries. Most studies which refer to this situation actually look at cannabis as a whole and not specifically to CBD. The benefits can see a reduction in visible symptoms such as tremor.

One characteristic which is very difficult to establish comes with the recommended dosage. Since every person is different, so is the CBD oil quantity which shows benefits. One of the few data which can be applied in this case comes from a published work which quotes 150mg of CBD per day for the first signs of psychotic reactions minimization.

There is very little evidence on the quantity of CBD which needs to be consumed daily. But even so, patients are their families can have hope that the symptoms can be diminished even to a small extent to improve the quality of life for the sufferers.

There are things we can learn from the marijuana studies as well. Even if you are only going to consume CBD products, the studies indicate that subjects respond differently to CBD intake. Some people see the best results with a sublingual intake which can be made with CBD oil. Others saw benefits with inhalation which means vapes can be a better choice. The final solution, at this stage, is not in research. If you decide to try CBD yourself, you can try out all the different products which are now on the market to see which works best for you, with a focus on the CBD oil and vapes as in the marijuana studies.

Final thoughts

Parkinson’s cannot be treated at this moment. There is no amount of medication or marijuana which can eliminate it. But CBD products can offer some hope for sufferers of the disease. As many people will attest, having a Parkinson’s sufferer in the family will see the degradation of health for that person in flesh and blood. Eventually, the sufferer becomes entirely dependent on other people even for small daily tasks such as feeding. This is where CBD can offer some hope of reducing the speed of this process. At the same time, it can offer some dignity back to the sufferers which often go into deep depression as a result of the disease.

In many cases, it is also important to look at foods which can help as well. Fermented products can be consumed alongside CBD products to slow down this progress of the disease. In many cases, there will be no results at all. But as long as some improvements can be made, there is still hope.

One of the areas which seem to be of immediate interest for CBD research comes with the impact it has on dopamine. Since CBD is now legal across the US, it can represent an interesting solution to those seeking to improve the knowledge which is currently available on the hemp extract.

As one of the most difficult diseases to deal with, Parkinson’s has some hope with CBD. At least, at the moment, we know that CBD has very good results with anxiety and depression and these are closely linked to Parkinson’s. So at least at a psychological level, some benefits could possibly be seen which is still better than the zero alternatives from pharma.