Our Story – How CBD Saved My Son From A Terrifying Seizure Disorder

I am the mom of a currently 10 year old son that was born with a severe form of epilepsy.

This seizure disorder wreaked havoc on our family, and at times, I even feared for my son’s life.

During the first 4 years of his life things were scary, and I was always extremely stressed out looking after my child and wondering what might happen to him any day.

Ages 0-4

During these years, my son’s seizures were extremely frequent, meaning multiple per day(2-10), and I was absolutely heartbroken watching him go through such an agonizing condition.

The situation was complicated by the fact that all of the doctors we kept seeing had varying and mostly inaccurate views on what the best treatments and remedies might be.

We never discovered cannabis as a treatment option for literally 4 years!

During this entire time, my son kept having his multiple daily seizures with no hope of an end in sight.

He was on a plethora of different pharmaceuticals that either did not do anything to help reduce the frequency or intensity of his epileptic episodes, barely helped at all, complicated the situation with severe side effects, or some combination of all 3.

The First Cannabis Treatments

The first cannabis treatments that my son tried consisted of edible baked goods which were fully infused with “regular” cannabis(meaning both THC and CBD).

I must say, this treatment was by far the best of any that we later tried and worked even more effectively than just CBD alone.

Literally instantly(upon the first time he tried one of these brownies), his seizures, which normally would appear at least every 3-4 hours, were gone in a way we had never seen before.

He literally did not have an episode for 2 entire days(48 hours)!

After continuous treatments daily over the next month, his seizures had reduced down to about 1 per week, which we consider to be an absolute miracle.

According to doctors, if he can keep his seizure frequency at this level, his chance of dying or suffering another adverse outcome is greatly reduced(almost zero in comparison to his former situation of 2-10 seizures per day).

Not to mention he feels better and his general quality of life is extremely improved, and he is happier!

I am so just absolutely ecstatic to be able to watch him grow up normally now.

We have kept him on these cannabis treatments ever since he began them 6 years ago.

We have cycled him on and off THC-containing treatments to see which works better(alternating with CBD).

I must say that THC-containing forms of cannabis are slightly more effective, but a lot of the times he takes only CBD because of concerns about his developing brain.

Looking Forward To The Future

Anyways, we are absolutely beyond thankful for such a miracle treatment to even exist.

I started this site to spread the word about the true efficacy of CBD for epileptic disorders, and am hoping to enlighten others and support the cause of helping cannabis legalization and especially medicinal research.