CBD Oil For Neuropathy(Nerve Damage)- Effective Or Not?

Neuropathic pain can come and go and this is why it might be difficult to diagnose. Simply put, the damage done to the nerves can trigger this type of pain which can go away on its own or which can be chronic. There are a few long-term influencers for this pain and they include:

  • Diabetes
  • Alcoholism
  • Amputation
  • HIV
  • Multiple sclerosis

A 2008 study looked at various patients with all types of neuropathic pain. The people were given high strength marijuana and low strength marijuana. A group was also given the typical placebo. The first two groups saw considerable pain reduction. The pain can differ from case to case. For example, diabetic peripheral neuropathy can come with a tingle or a burning sensation which can lead to people not feeling their feet while walking.

Most studies are actually looking at the effects of THC which also has a psychoactive effect on neuropathic pain. But at the same time, a more recent study found that medium doses and a small dose of cannabis saw improvements of up to 30% in most patients. This means that there is not much evidence for the consumption of CBD oil and its effects of neuropathic pain in the scientific world.

Experiences with CBD oil

So the only evidence which currently looks at possible benefits of the CBD oil to the neuropathic pain comes from actual testimonials of sufferers. As things stand at the moment, most people experience positive effects which are very similar to what studies show from THC products.

CBD oil can be associated with lower pain levels. In many cases, diabetes can lead to this type of pain and people say using the oil helped them feel their feet again. While these claims still don’t have significant scientific backing, it goes to show that the benefits are there.

These types of reports have been getting more commons since the legalization of CBD oils across the US. There are many products which are now reviewed just for neuropathic pain benefits. It is worth noting that not all people can objectively asses the benefits of the oil but as long as there are no side effects to it, the consumption seems a good idea. While there are no major side effects to CBD consumption, one of the concerns people raise comes with diarrhea. But this can be caused by other ingredients in the oil instead of the oils itself. This is where you will notice that the carrier oil which is often coconut-derived can actually be responsible for this.

But generally speaking, the entire lack of scientific backing for the benefits of CBD oil only means that you will need to take your case to your doctor. It is your doctor who can plan a process based on CBD products to deal with the pain. While most doctors are not actually recommending CBD products at the moment, the numbers of those who do are actually increasing.

How to use CBD oil?

Since there is a major lack of information when it comes to the benefits of THC-free CBD oil for nerve pain, it is worth trying the product yourself. But how do you know how to choose a good product?

It is often recommended to choose a manufacturer who offers quality products. Even if you end-up paying more for quality products, it is worth investing in CBD oil which is made from organic sources. The same CBD oil can present impressive benefits when it comes to improved health in other areas as well. Since you might consume it for long periods of time as well, it is worth considering the alternative products as well.

Some tasty alternatives come with edible products. Gummies also contain safe CBD oil. A more interesting approach would come with vapes. These inhaling solutions are often found in the studies mentioned with the THC content. So trying this alternative yourself can be a good solution. For this purpose, you can use different cartridges with CBD oil which often comes flavored as well. So the inhaling should be more manageable as well.

In most cases, CBD oil represents a solution which is fast to act. Even so, its effects are different according to its concentration which differs from product to product. In this case, dealing with neuropathic pain needs to be based on trying out different products or adjusting the quantity of CBD you consume with each serving. Furthermore, there are many reasons to consider that the best CBD is made with certifications and third-party testing. This is why it is worth investigating the options which are made with transparency. This is especially important since most CBD oil is not actually tested by the FDA.

Since the hemp extract has been legalized in all US states, there have been numerous manufacturers bringing it to the market. But at the same time, there is no need to choose the products which come with unproven purity.

Who can use CBD oil?

Neuropathic pain is typically dealt with different types of medication. However, even the scientific community recognizes that some people are non-responders. Simply put, the medication some people take has no effects. These people can be the first group to try CBD oil. But at the same time, those who are really looking for better overall pain management or a simple reduction of pain with a small percentage can also look for good CBD oil.

Some exceptions apply, of course. One of them comes with pregnant women. To ensure that you are aware of all exceptions which might apply to you discussing your plan with your doctor is recommended. Fully reading the guidelines of the CBD oil manufacturers is also highly recommended. This is why all people need to look at the various options which allow them the best results when it comes to safe supplementation as well. The more information you gather for your type of neuropathic pain, the more you will put yourself in the position to learn how to minimize it.