Using CBD For Multiple Sclerosis & Neurodegenerative Conditions

Multiple sclerosis is one of the most serious health concerns. Often defined as the condition in which the fibers of the nervous system are attacked by the immune system itself, the condition sees the creation of tissues which interrupt the communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

This serious condition has seen the development of some medication to try and control it. But as things are at the moment, only a quarter of patients actually see benefits with this medication. In many cases, the medication can also come with unwanted side effects as well and in the end, it might do more harm than good. It is no wonder that so many people actually completely refuse to use the medication prescribed for multiple sclerosis. This means that the natural alternatives are on the rise. From them, CBD oil stands out as it has been reported by many people to show visible ameliorations of the condition.

Advocates of CBD oil for multiple sclerosis

Many patients are now sharing their experience with CBD oil for sclerosis. From the official bodies, the stories are changing as well. For example, the otherwise conservative National Sclerosis Society is now informing sufferers about the potential uses of the product. The official website of the Society also makes a clear distinction between different cannabinoids. It is here that you have the ability to find people with similar experience. The stories can often find the positive aspects of this serious condition. Reading similar experiences can help multiple sclerosis sufferers.

What is multiple sclerosis?

The interruption of neurological communication between the brain and the rest of the body can be often seen as multiple sclerosis. But every case is truly different with the condition. There are a few effects to this:

  • Motor dysfunctions
  • Behavioral problems
  • Emotional issues
  • Muscle spasms
  • Loss of muscle control

Again, all cases are different. From the mild conditions which manifest with muscle spasms to more serious conditions such as partial or complete paralysis, multiple sclerosis needs considerable medical attention and considerable research still to this day.

It is yet unclear what causes the condition. In the US alone, 400.000 people are suffering from the condition while 2 million people are suffering outside the US. As for the profile of the sufferer, it is mostly white women of Nordic European descent which are the most exposed. Men can also suffer from the condition. According to science, this might be due to the exposure to a certain element if it is mostly location and DNA-based. But it is yet unclear on the type of element which can cause the issue. In most cases, the lifespan of sufferers is shorter than the average lifespan of a non-sufferer, but not by much.

Some typical medication includes immunomodulatory which are used to control white blood cells in the blood. However, they can also come with serious side effects as well. It is no wonder that natural alternative such as CBD oil looks so much better in these conditions for many sufferers. So what drives people towards CBD specifically? Apart from medication side effects, sufferers are also aware that only a small percentage of people see improvements with medication. Even the prices for this medication are not specifically low.

At the moment in the US, the state holds a patent for the limiting effect of neurological damage with CBD. This means that the alternative is away from pharmaceutical companies. In most cases, your physician or doctor might not prescribe CBD as it does not have any real financial backing.

Is CBD Oil The Cure?

Realistically speaking, CBD oil cannot cure multiple sclerosis but it can help it to a certain degree. This is where you will see considerable information on the experience of different sufferers with the hemp extract.

Since the entire CBD industry is rather new after the famous Farm Bill, there is still research to be made for the entire spectrum of benefits which come with these cannabinoids. But there are a few products with promising effects. Pure CBD oil with no psychoactive CBD is one of the best bets in this scenario. Made from organic sources, it is one of the leading options when it comes to purity.

For commercial purposes, the hemp extract is mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut or MCT oil. These types of carriers are very fast to digest. Fast digestion is important for multiple sclerosis as it comes with a calming effect within minutes for many people.

CBD oil is also consumed differently by all sufferers of the condition. Daily use can be thus recommended in some cases. Others might even consume a couple of drops multiple times per day. Since CBD oil is now legal in all US states, there is more freedom to try the solution yourself.

Since muscles can also benefit from CBD from the outside, some people report using topical solutions as well. Massaging these ointments into the muscles can be another way to use CBD oil apart from its oral intake. But since not all oils are the same and not all of them come with the certification of purity, it is worth discussing your plan with your doctor. Your doctor can also help you monitor the results of the CBD consumption.

Final Considerations

There are many reasons to consider that multiple sclerosis treatments can work for you. Even if the chances of success are small, it is still the chosen way to deal with the condition by most doctors. This being said, ruling out CBD oil form cultural prejudices is not worth it as there are no side effects of the hemp extract. As studies begin to show its true potential, people also start to share their benefits for multiple sclerosis. For example, many people experiencing sleep problems due to muscle spasms report improvements in sleep quality just after a few days if supplementing with a CBD product. In case you decide to try the products, you should do so with the purest solutions on the market.