The Future Of The CBD Industry

Cannabidiol has really taken the world by storm over the past decade, and with recent legalization in many US states and other countries, the markets have heated up to a whole new level.

Some estimates say that the CBD market will reach over $3 billion USD by the year 2028.

Currently it stands at around $500 million.

With that being said, there is a huge demand for a whole variety of different products within the CBD space.

Cannabis itself is an even broader market that has brought other products like THC-based ones to the forefront of consumers’ minds as well.

We think that brands that dominate the “lifestyle” sector of the industry will see the most potential for growth over the next few years.

Lifestyle brands, according to us, are those that focus on selling what is commonly referred to as “merch” – things such as mugs, t-shirts, hats, beanies, and other logo-bearing items that are used by people in every day life.

Of course, when it comes to the regular “old fashion” CBD products like tinctures, pills, and gummies, we see no reason why this segment of the market would be likely to suffer going forward.

But it’s just a simple fact of life that new business owners in the cannabis space find it harder to break into these more traditional sub-verticals of the industry.