CBD Oil in Kentucky – Laws, Where To Buy, and More

CBD oil is legal in Kentucky. As a product which is distinct from marijuana by its THC levels, it is also one of the solutions to consider to pharma products for many types of health issues which include chronic pain. CBD oil is one of the best alternatives to marijuana from this perspective. If a typical marijuana product can come with around 8% THC levels, CBD oil in Kentucky can only come with up to 0.3% THC.

CBD oil is produced in Kentucky as well. It can also come with 0% THC. This is done through a process which includes CO2 extraction. Together with the industrial hemp, the oil is seen as a financial opportunity for Kentucky.

Laws on CBD oil in Kentucky

The oil is legal for consumption for medical use in Kentucky. The SB 50 was passed in 2013. With the passing of the bill, Kentucky entered the era of industrial hemp growth. Refined industrial hemp is distinct from marijuana. At the same time, the discussions on the legalization of marijuana have also started in the state and Kentucky could be one of the following states to give freedom for its consumption as well.

Even a year before the famous 2014 Farm Bill, Kentucky was already looking towards industrial hemp growth. The federal bill gave even more freedom to CBD oil use. This is why many states can order it by post even if they do not grow hemp. But it is not the case in Kentucky as the state was already looking towards large-scale hemp production even before the federal law of 2014.

Cultural attitudes towards CBD oil in Kentucky

While CBD has many potential benefits, Kentucky is already looking towards the future use of medicinal marijuana as well. This can be an indication of its cultural openness. The proposed terms involve the use of marijuana for medical use under the prescription of a doctor. For this reason, 2018 will see debates on the proposed SB80 and HB166. The Senate bill is looking to establish the clear circumstances into which the cannabis use for medical purposes would be a reality.

If you are a Kentucky resident at the moment, you can consume CBD oil and hemp products which are below 0.3% THC. This means that you have the ability to choose alternatives which include CBD coffee or CBD pills as well. The extract of the Cannabis Sativa L plant is what matters the most in the end. Most products sold in Kentucky are actually low or come with zero THC levels.

Best places to buy CBD oil in Kentucky

There are various shops to consider in the Kentucky state for CBD oil consumption. While not all shops come with the largest range of hemp products and while they might not store all US manufacturers, you can still find good options in the larger metropolitan areas of the state.


Green Remedy at 4104 Bishop Ln, Louisville, KY 42103 is one of the best-known spots in the city. It also works in the wholesale industry and you can find various hemp products at their location. From the typical CBD oil to the more modern skincare hemp products, the shop is a good stop for patients in the city. If you want to visit it yourself, you need to do this on weekdays as it is closed on weekends.

A&A Smoker’s Outlet at 5909 Terry Rd, Louisville, KY 40216 is another good option. It comes to offer the classic products you would expect from a vapor place. This includes e-juices, glass pipes, vapes, kits, etc. It is considered to be one of the affordable places. As a vape shop, it is also open for business every day.


The city’s popular JD Vapor at 96 Plaza Dr, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342 is a good place for CBD oil. It also comes as one of the places which were established back in 2014 which was a pivoting year for the industry. With affordable prices and a selection of vapes as well, the store can be a good option for tested CBD oil.


If you are looking for premium products, the Cannabis Phrog at 700 B Bloomfield Rd, Bardstown, KY 40004 is a good place. It offers a selection of high-quality CBD oils and it is also recommended when it comes to different hemp handmade products. Different balms are also available in the shop. You can use products which are made for external use with conditions such as arthritis.
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How to choose quality CBD oil

Residents of Kentucky have the freedom to consume CBD oil. CBD oil can also be ordered online as it falls under the regulation of hemp products as well. At the moment, there are no special local laws to consider alongside federal laws from this perspective.

But regardless of the place you buy your CBD oil from, its quality is crucial. Many CBD oils are not tested and since they are made by hand, their ingredients can vary quite by significant margins. At the same time, it is also important to know that you can use CBD oil form most authorized retailers.

Retailers have to look at the products which are tested. Third-party testing is often made by retailers as well. But as with many other products, customers also have to ask for these standards when making a purchase. This is why it is important to choose the products which are made to a high standard and which don’t come with THC. At the same time, it is also important to consider the various versions of CBD oil.

Not all CBD oils are made with the same concentration and this is why it can be important to discuss this with your doctor and your retailer for a customized approach. Most people are fine with the lower concentration CBD oils and this is why it can be recommended to choose the products which are also cost-effective for long-term use as well. For this reason, the stores with various discounts can be more appealing.