CBD Oil in Colorado – Laws, Where To Buy, and More

Colorado is at the forefront of CBD and marijuana legalization in the United States. As the first state form the group of 8 which legalized marijuana back in 2001, it is the state which is often envied for its openness. As a leading state, it also sets the trends of the marijuana culture. It is legal to cultivate, possess and sell marijuana in the state. This is why many people consider it pioneering and one of the forward-thinking states.

Laws on CBD in Colorado

Colorado adhered to the 64th amendment in November 2012. But prior to this, Colorado was pushing amendments and legislation on the federal government. One of the first such acts came as early as 1995. The proposed Bill 132 before the Senate was ahead of its time. Among other information, the Bill informed on the possible financial gains of the state from the legalization of cannabis, under its popular interpretation as marijuana. Even if at the time this could have been seen as a misconception, Colorado did eventually benefit from the legalization. Furthermore, it benefits in the incredible amount of 1 billion dollars since 2016.

CBD can also be used in its many forms in Colorado. Even with higher THC up to 28%, the people of Colorado can benefit from the oil in many situations. Together with the oil, the residents of Colorado can also consume products which are similar as well and this includes gummy bears and pain cream as well.

In order to purchase CBD oil, there are a few conditions which have to be met. One of the conditions is to actually be a resident of Colorado. So your ID will need to prove that you actually live in the state. You will also have to be 18 or over. In terms of the conditions which allow you the use of CBD oil, Colorado allows you to consider it if you are:

  • Suffering from HIV or AIDS
  • Patients diagnosed with cancer
  • Epilepsy and seizure sufferers
  • Nausea
  • Glaucoma
  • Muscle spasms etc.

These conditions might require serious medication. In terms of marijuana use, the state of Colorado has some terms in which this is established. First, you can grow up to 6 plants a private space, such as at home. Then, when you are traveling, you are allowed to carry up to an ounce of marijuana. Furthermore, since 2016, any person in the state of Colorado can possess up to an ounce of marijuana. This is regardless of your residency. So even if you are just passing through the state, you can still carry a small amount with you.

Cultural attitudes towards CBD in Colorado

Although Colorado was the first state to implement many of these changes, the story is actually much more complex with benefits and drawbacks as well. As one of the leading states, it has also gained a lot of financial freedom from the sale of marijuana. This has been reported to often be money which is reinvested in school and other public services.

Some of the drawbacks of the legalization are also worth mentioning since they are significant. Even if marijuana and its products became legal for most adults, the number of teenagers in emergency rooms quadrupled. While there have not been registered fatalities linked with marijuana or CBD consumption, the number of car crashes has also significantly increased in Colorado.

Shortly after the legalization, the state also saw a considerable increase in tourism. On a cultural perspective, the benefits can thus be seen in the number of people transiting the state. On a more democratic perspective, things are not so one-sided. This has been seen in the polls which saw only a small majority voting in favor of the legalization.

Even with legislation towards the benefit of the users of marijuana and its products, Colorado is still dealing with the issues which come with driving. It has been set that the allowed limit is a nanogram in the bloodstream. When you have more the 5 nanograms of THC in your bloodstream you can be convicted of intoxication. At the same time, you may not be able to have a definite answer as you can argue that you were not actually intoxicated in court.

Best places to buy CBD in Colorado

There are many places to purchase CBD in Colorado. According to the area you live in, you are likely to find a dispensary a short drive away. Most of them are in Denver and they sell CBD products, vaporizers, and tinctures:

Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill

1301 Marion Street



Canna Botica

219 Vallejo Street


There are other cities and locations CBD can be purchased from as well. If you are traveling or passing through Colorado Springs, you can choose from:


Discover CBD Store

3438 N. Academy Boulevard



The CBD Center Health Superstore

519 North 30th Street



In Fort Collins, you can purchase CBD oil from:

Infinite Wellness Center

900 N College Avenue


There are a number of online retailers you can purchase CBD oil from as well. In most cases, you will need to check their credentials as well. Delivery time can also differ from location to location.

As the first state to tackle the issue of marijuana with precise legislation and early efforts, Colorado has made its mark on the highly-debated topic. The result is an increased tourism industry and over a billion dollars in commercial marijuana sales.

With many places to legally purchase CBD oil in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins etc., the state has become a leader in terms of legal issues and attitude in marijuana legalization. Its network of stores is probably among the best in the country. At the same time, some drawbacks have been noted with visits to the emergency room and with car crashes.

With a history stretching back to 1995, marijuana legalization in Denver is one of the topics which has made international news. Its by-products are also regulated. Thus, you can purchase your CBD oil and the different versions which come in packages such as gummy bears as well.