CBD Oil Drops Dosage Calculator

When using CBD oil “tinctures” – which is the word often used to refer to dropper bottles – achieving an accurate target dose can be difficult.

For one thing, different brands produce different sizes and shapes of bottles with also variable liquid volume.

To further complicate the issue, the actual CBD concentration (density of the active ingredient, cannabidiol) is not the same across brands, and the droppers can behave differently and be marked differently (or not at all in rare cases), AND the makeup of each individual “oil” can also vary causing certain brands’ drops to be “bigger” or smaller.

cbd tincture bottle with drops

Luckily, the information you need to calculate your perfect dose is going to be on your bottle.

So if you just take that info and enter it here we will return the proper info you need to get your dose right. (the # of drops that you must place under your tongue to achieve an accurate dose in ML of CBD oil).

When dosing sublingually, remember to hold the drops under your tongue for at least 60-90 seconds. (I personally hold it for up to 3 minutes)

This is to maximize absorption. Even if you are using some brands of CBD such as the “Plus CBD Oil” that come in what is advertised as a “spray” version- you will still want to take it sublingually using it similarly to a dropper.

Some companies advertise a “spray” for marketing purposes, telling the user to simply spray the substance into their mouth/back of their throat. This is a simple method of administration and likely appeals to people as being “easier” than tongue droppers. However, any water-soluble concentration of hemp oil is best taken under the tongue where the sublingual membranes can absorb the cannabidiol most effectively.


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