CBD for Fibromyalgia – All About Using This Oil For A Chronic Condition

Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia can bring about a variety of different emotions. Some may feel relieved that there is an answer to the chronic pain they have been suffering from. Others might be angry they have to deal with living with a chronic condition. Whether you or a loved one has been living with or is recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, there is some good news. The good news is that CBD (Cannabidiol oil) can help relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia to help increase the quality of life in sufferers. Having Fibromyalgia doesn’t have to make life difficult. Here is what you need to know about using CBD oil for fibromyalgia.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that causes pain in different parts of the body. It is often caused by inflammation in the body. Other symptoms of the disease can be a chronic headache or migraines, difficulty sleeping, and digestive issues. People who had Fibromyalgia are very sensitive to pain due to the central nervous system receiving pain signals. These nerves function abnormally, which causes constant pain, especially in the muscles and joints. Treatments that a usually used to relieve these symptoms are Opioids, NSAID pain relievers, and sleep aids.

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What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes from the marijuana plant. Don’t worry, it is legal to use, unlike THC. It also does not cause the user to become high, but it does have great effects on the body. This is good news for those suffering from fibromyalgia. CBD oil can help to relieve the chronic pain but will also allow users to get through their day. The oil is pressed from the flowers of the marijuana plant.

Hemp oil also comes from the marijuana plant, but it comes from pressing the seeds and has different effects on the body. The CBD oil can interact with our bodies in a natural way that encourages receptors in the body to do their jobs. It is a naturally occurring oil that is legal, will not get you high, and can give some relief to symptoms of fibromyalgia.

What Will CBD Oil do for My Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is believed to be caused by a dysregulation in endocannabinoid deficiency. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system. When the levels are abnormal, this is what can cause chronic pain and suffering. If the body doesn’t naturally produce enough of these chemicals, the nerves send more signals to the brain because pain receptors are more sensitive.

The best way to explain endocannabinoids is that they help to regulate pain perception. Once the levels have become too low, there is a higher amount of pain than usual. By using CBD oil, it can encourage the body to naturally produce more of the endocannabinoids. In essence, it will increase the levels in the body, thereby maintaining a balance and decreasing chronic pain.

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How is It Used?

The oil can come in the form of sprays, drops, edibles, and oil. It can be added to food or drink, dropped underneath the tongue, or taken in capsule form. Another option is to use CBD oil in a vape. This, along with using it as drops behind the tongue seem to be the two best ways to use the oil for relief from Fibromyalgia symptoms. This is because it is the easiest and fastest way to get the oil working in your system. Begin with a low dose of about 5-10 milligrams. See how your body reacts to it, and if you need to use more, a higher dose can be taken. The oil can be bought by finding a distributor on the internet as well as in most local health food stores. It is legal to buy.

Make sure you try a variety of doses in order to find the proper one, working your way up as you see fit.

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What Else Can CBD Oil Do?

CBD oil is not just great for relieving chronic pain in patients with fibro. It can also help to people with anxiety and depression, help cancer patients, reduce acne and help decrease the amount of seizures in some patients. It can also help to decrease high blood pressure, assist with substance abuse treatment, and help prevent diabetes. With so many great benefits, CBD oil can help many people to lead a better life. Keep reading for side effects of using the oil.

What Are the Side Effects?

Some side effects have been reported in patients using CBD oil for fibromyalgia or other reasons:

• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Cotton mouth
• Lowered blood pressure

Some patients have also reported hallucinations, but this is not as common. The positive side effects that have been mentioned by users are an improvement in mood, relief from debilitating chronic pain, ability to sleep more, and a decrease in inflammation overall throughout the body. As always, it is important to share with your doctor any supplements or medications you are taking. They will be better able to direct you as to how much and if CBD oil is good for you. While CBD oil appears to be safe and help relieve symptoms, everyone reacts to new substances differently. The benefits of using CBD oil for Fibromyalgia seem to outweigh the side effects.

What About the Research?

CBD oil is still undergoing research studies, but what has been found so far is positive. A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found that those suffering from fibromyalgia have an endocannabinoid deficiency, which can be treated with medicines from cannabinoids effectively. Another study confirms that those with Fibromyalgia have found relief from using CBD oil and other cannabinoids. While research is still ongoing, it sounds promising for Fibromyalgia patients and suggests they can find relief from using the oil.

To find relief from fibromyalgia, CBD oil is an option which sufferers have found success with. By relieving symptoms, it can also have a great effect on sleeping, headaches, and overall quality of life. It is safe, non-psychoactive, and naturally occurring. It can have great effects on the body that can help relieve chronic pain and other symptoms of the disease.

Obviously, this is the appeal of thousands of people who are deciding to use it for these purposes.

With minimal side effects and maximum effects, you can feel better, sleep better, and go about the day while having very a very reduced pain level.